About Us

Hydro Crop Shop is a hydroponic store opened in 2018, located in Wembley / Park Royal just off the A406 North Circular and near the Hanger Lane roundabout on the A40. 
Being a hydroponic shop we pride ourselves on being able to supply any piece of equipment necessary to grow indoor plants. We have a superb range of hydroponic equipment and experience with every type of grow. So, whether you are just getting started as a home grower or an experienced growing veteran, at Hydro Crop Shop we can not only offer a wide range of hydroponic products but also offer free confidential advice about your grow.

What We Sell

Here are some of the main products we supply:
  • Grow Tents; from extra large grow tents, to small grow tent kits and even loft grow tents, we’ve got it all!

  • Grow Lights; we offer a range of indoor plant lighting including CFL lights, propagation T5 lights, 600w and 1000w HPS lights and much, much more…

Help & Advice

Whatever your choice of growing medium; soil, coco coir, hydroponic or clay pebbles, at Hydro Crop Shop, our staff are experts in every indoor growing method and can advise you about the best way to set up your grow and how to tackle any problem you encounter. 
All the advice provided at Hydro Crop shop is completely confidential. 

At the top of the page you will find a range of categories containing a comprehensive selection of all the growing equipment we have in stock. If you have any other enquiry or require specialist equipment get in touch and our expert staff will be happy to assist you.

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Hydro Crop Shop, 250 Water Road, Wembley, London, HA0 1HX

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